Lumenera ASCOM Driver

Gain adjustment.

Iris control for automatic lenses.

Balance control for cameras with dual taps.

Access to single tap mode.

Access to 16 bit mode and reversible bit order (to adapt to variable camera data formats.)

Ability to manually enter CCD dimensions for unrecognized cameras.

Many Lumenera cameras are supported, but these are reported to work:

Lu070, Lu075, Lu130, Lu135, Lu170, Lu175
SKYnyx 2-0, SKYnyx2-1, SKYnyx2-2
Infinity 2-1
Lt345, Lt29059
Lw235, Lw11059M, Lw11059C

  • 05-24-2023 Version 0.8.2 Added ability to edit parameters for better camera support

  • 07-16-2020 Version 0.8.0 Added support for SKYnyx2-2 and Lt16059H

  • 03-18-2019 Version 0.7.7 Now works with any lumenera.api.dll version

  • 11-05-2017 Version 0.7.6 Adds AutoLensInit call, automatically uses single tap mode if available

  • 10-26-2016 Version 0.7.4 Support for version 1.2.3 of lumenera.api.dll

  • 05-17-2015 Version 0.7.3 Added Balance feature

  • 04-08-2015 Version 0.7.2 Fixes for ASCOM compliance checker

  • 04-07-2015 Version 0.7.1 Added LW11069 support, added iris control, added CCD temperature support, binning fixes

  • Version 0.64 fixes an issue with Gain adjustments that was causing a problem

  • Version 0.62 adds the ability to reverse the byte order returned by the camera for possible compatibility improvement. Also, adds Gain adjustment in the Setup dialog. Additional minor fixes and features added for improved support of unknown cameras and better overall functionality

  • Fixes in 0.61 bring compatibility with Nebulosity v3.1 and MaximDL v5