Software - ASCOM Quantix Photometrics Camera Driver

The ASCOM Quantix Photometrics 6303e Camera driver version 0.65 is available to download here.

The prior stable versions of the driver are 0.64 and 0.61.

This camera driver is alpha quality, i.e. it probably contains errors. The driver is 32bit only, since it makes use of Roper Scientific's camera driver "PVCam.dll" (dll version 2.7.10 (on XP) and 2.6.9 (on Win7 x86) work for me) to actually talk to the camera. Note that 2.7.10 renders W7x86 unable to boot for me. I suspect this driver needs to be run under Administrator on Vista and Win7 to allow it to store it's settings, I'll get around to fixing this eventually. To accomplish this run whatever imaging software you use as Administrator. Also, be sure to run RSConfig as Administrator too before using.

The installers are available on this page.
Also review the faq since it has information about driver compatibility and PCI controller card firmware.

Version 0.65:
Fixed binning bug. Added support for fast readout via. the ASCOM FastReadout() property for switching between 1MHz and 5Mhz modes. Sky Planetarium supports this ASCOM camera feature.

As of version 0.64, the following features are supported:
Fixed gain value bug in 0.63 that caused the setup dialog to complain. Also caused gain values to be incorrectly mapped so that gain mode 3 wasn't available.

As of version 0.63, the following features are supported:
Setting the camera's gain in the setup dialog. Gain mode default is now 3 instead of 1.

As of version 0.61, the following features are supported:
Fixes since v0.50 bring compatibility with Nebulosity v3.1 and MaximDL v5.
12 bit mode is supported. The cameras' work in 12 bit depth and the driver doesn't shift to scale.
Setting/getting the camera's exposure time/duration IS supported (0.1 to 600S).
Setting/getting the camera's temperature set-point IS supported.
Getting the camera's CCD temperature IS supported.
Setting the camera's gain IS supported: modes 1,2, and 3.
Subframing isn't supported, yet.
Binning IS supported: 1,2, and 4x.

If you try the driver email me with your findings so I can establish a track-record and fix bugs.